13 Dec

On a one fine day, following my usual routine of waking up late with messing up my room to dine, rushed out of my apartment as was delayed for my university.
My eyes on the middle of road in search of transport, oh there! waved to a rikshawala (passenger carrier), well bad luck as he did not stop, then I gave call to other who was heeding opposite to my direction of university. He turned his cycle rickshaw on my call and heeded towards me, during this moment a bike rushed and got collapse with his wheels. A biker with a lady at his back, for no reason started slapping him. The crowed on a road occur within no seconds. Rickshawala was so scared and worried, I heard repeating him in low scared voice “you hit me too, neither my mistake sabji” but the biker didn’t listen any and kept on shouting and slamming the rickshawala. Seeing the situation the only thing running in my mind was the rickshawala being illiterate is more literate, and sensible than that literate who was only able to raise his hands and voice on weaker people of the society!!!weaker people of the society!!!

Cycle Rickshaw


Are these people call themselves modern civilised person of society?! Pardon me! because then I don’t! I felt sorry for him and was ashamed to say something. At the end of my journey I asked for an apology, the apology which he never received because of being poor, weaker and being right. I had a guilt for making him into such tensed situation, for hearing me this he smiled and said “it’s ok ma’am do not worry, I asked for his name he said “Thakur”. All what my last words for him was: ”If you are right don’t worry because GOD is enough and HE will give you justice” hearing this he had a big smile on his face believing he will be justified!
Sometimes I wonder how brutal world I am residing….where the poor are treated a insects. you can piss them off with whatever you want.





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2 responses to “THEY TOO ARE HUMANS :(

  1. firefly

    December 24, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    i wish i could strangle such people who haven’t been raised with better manners. all people deserve respect. all poor too

    • sania bashir

      April 21, 2013 at 8:04 pm

      very’s a kind of same emotions and feeling when one is opressed by the other n it’s our duty to stop ’em!!


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